Model Pro
Model Pro 600 comes with a 5 instrument dentist table.
Model Pro 800 comes with a 6 instrument dentist table.

Smart dental unit.

Digitize your daily operations.
Impress your patients with improved daily workflow, great design and smart features.

Show your competence and confidence with a simple, yet modern way of work.

Intuitive controls

Diplomat Connect App helps you operate the dental unit with ease. Set up instruments, lights, hygiene and more. Program presets and conditional actions that will fit your workflow. Model Pro 600 becomes your playground.

Efficient workspace.

Model Pro 600’s workspace is designed with you and your team in mind. Doing your job becomes very easy and intuitive and workday’s tool on your body is minimized thanks to the ergonomic principles deeply rooted into the design.

Elegant yet practical.

Model Pro 600 will become a gem of your dental office. Designed by the greatest minds in the industry, our smart dental unit earned awards in the most prestigious product design competitions all over the world.

Simple customization.

Model Pro 600 brings new standard of customization, not only in pre-fabrication phase, but thanks to unlimited number of presets programmable via Diplomat Connect App, even throughout your daily work life.

I’m interested in Model Pro 600.

Even more space.

In a unique design solution, the dental unit’s chair was moved back to create even more workspace for your assistant. No need to squeeze anymore.

Good vibes only.

Vibrations are absorbed by the whole unit and therefore reduced to the minimum.

Open your arms.

With the lift versions of the Model Pro, the reach of the dentist’s table arms gets even larger. This enables new comfortable approaches to your work.

Almost too cosy.

We have fine-tuned the proportions of the cuspidor on the unit’s lift versions to achieve an even more minimalistic look.

The future of dentistry is in your hands.

Like, literally. Full control and automatization of your smart dental unit is just a few taps away. Our Diplomat Connect App runs on a companion tablet device and is fully integrated with Model Pro 600.

Diplomat Connect App.
It’s like riding a bicycle.
Yours truly.
Your window
to the Whole Wide World.
Like clockwork.
We have your back.

Diplomat Connect App.

Imagine having an extra team member whose task is to memorize and set up even the tiniest details to make your workday as comfortable as possible. Minus the payroll.

It’s like riding a bicycle.

Diplomat Connect app is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive controls and clear design focused on user experience. Everything you need in your daily work is just a tap away.

Yours truly.

Everyone gets a unique and personalized experience using the Model Pro. Setup your dental unit’s chair position, instrument parameters, light, hygiene, and much more. You can create an unlimited amount of presets to suit all your team’s needs.

Your window to the Whole Wide World.

The tablet device can also carry various third-party apps which allows you to have all the important information always at hand. You can even make a presentation for your patient using the mirror option on the monitor on dental unit.

Like clockwork.

Diplomat Connect app does the basic diagnostics automatically. It can analyse and send information on errors to our technicians and keeps your dental unit’s firmware always up-to-date. This significantly decreases the time of both service and downtime of your Model Pro.

We have your back.

We understand that accidents do happen. But do not worry, in case your tablet device breaks, all your presets are safely stored online. You only have to set it up once.

Designed to impress.

The Model Pro Series is designed to bring stunning visuals to your dental office while also bringing ease of use to the highest priority.
The design won multiple awards at the most prestigious product design competitions all over the world.

Love at first seat.
Headrest accepts and copies the shape of the neck and head of any patient.
Shoulders naturally drop so as to ensure a comfortable back position.
Seat and backrest relieve the patient and make them feel supported.
The Trendelenburg position is a standard feature.
Lying position with legs fully supported and arms resting comfortably to enhance relaxation.
Try customizing from our selection:

Model Pro your way.

Customize the chair’s colour selection and upholstery according to your taste. Choose from up to 69 colours. Have a taste of some of the most popular ones.

Your personalized experience.

With dozens of options available to you in the pre-fabrication phase, you can customize you Model Pro to exactly fit the needs of your dental office.

I’m interested
Lights on.

The stage is yours.

The workspace around the entire Model Pro is fully prepared for your team to perform your best. No matter if you work with one assistant helping with fillings or a full team working on a complex oral surgery.

Efficient workspace.

Thanks to the well-designed base as well as the arm and body of the unit, there is more than enough space for multiple people to work around the chair.

Feels like dancing.

Thanks to pneumatic springs in the pantographic arms and rolling bearings on the rotary components, the movement is surprisingly smooth and enjoyable. Move with ease.

Cables are so 2021.

No more tripping over cables on the floor.The Model Pro can be equipped with a wireless multifunctional foot control with an average battery lifespan of 2 to 3 months. Use the dental unit without limitations.

Everything instrumental in your work.

The dentist table design ensures intuitive work with all instruments within the reach of your hand, no matter if you choose the upper or lower hose delivery.


I’m interested in Model Pro 600.

Maintenance finished before you say ‘temporomandibular joint’.

Even the most mundane tasks feel great with the Model Pro. Thanks to smart systems implemented into the dental unit, your daily maintenance routines will only take moments to complete.

Compare Models Pro.

Model Pro 600
Model Pro 800

Model Pro 600

Optional upper or lower hose delivery system
Lift version
5 instruments on the dentist’s table
Optional wireless multifunctional foot control
Customizable colours on the seat upholstery
Customizable colours on spittoon block
Possible to equip with X-ray (extra arm)

Model Pro 800

Optional upper or lower hose delivery system
Lift version
6 instruments on the dentist’s table
Synchronization of seat & backrest *
Electronic bowl rotation *
Optional wireless multifunctional foot control
Complete unit painted in semi-matt white *
Customizable colours on the seat upholstery
Customizable colours on spittoon block
Possible to equip with X-ray (extra arm)
*standard feature with price advantage in Model Pro 700, 800; optional in Model Pro 500, 600.

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