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The ideal connection of development, manufacturing and customer service, with decades of tradition in the industry.

With more than 60 years of experience in dental manufacturing Diplomat Dental has a solid reputation as a top manufacturer and an established business philosophy where the customer’s satisfaction is viewed as a fundamental principle.

The primary goal of our company is customer satisfaction with Diplomat Dental products throughout the world.
All Diplomat Dental products excel in quality, ergonomics and versatility and will surely meet the requirements of even the most demanding dental professionals.

Apart from our high-tech products, we also provide excellent after-sales services that include product service and regular maintenance to ensure our customers’ maximum satisfaction. Our well-trained and qualified service technicians are ready to help whenever a need arises.

We take our commitment very seriously and constantly strive to improve our products, services and overall customer experience. Through a well-established customer-dealer-manufacturer network, we provide our customers with numerous ways of giving us their feedback and comments to make sure they will get the best.

Our product philosophy is to focus on open platforms, modular and intelligent solutions that improve the workflow of your dental office – making advanced technologies and smart tools easy to use and accessible to every dentist.

Tomas Nerad, CEO – Diplomat Dental

Technology & Production

By painstaking end-of-line testing we ensure the excellent quality of each item. During the whole manufacturing process we use only highly reliable quality materials, mainly from local Slovak manufacturers, which are also subject to a thorough primary inspection.

Our units are configured with accessories and devices from world’s most reliable manufacturers, such as EMS, Durr, Metasys, Luzzani, Jakša, Sirai, LM, and others. Besides all of this, we are environmentally conscious and are committed to respecting and to preserving the environment by carefully handling energy and natural resources.

The membership of the company DIPLOMAT DENTAL s.r.o. in international organizations such as ESDE, APVZT and contacts with dental export companies provide an on-line connection to the newest development trends in dentistry.

Since 1997 Diplomat, already in its third generation, has also proven itself by the convincing international success of its new product series. The DIPLOMAT series offers a reliable equipment of worldwide importance to dentists ranging from complete dental units, chairs and stools up to operating lamps.

Since its foundation, Diplomat Dental has always been striving for optimizing your daily workflow. Therefore, we know, that smooth and ergonomics position movements and the ideal position of the dentist elements are essential.

Where can I buy Diplomat Dental equipment?

Diplomat Dental sells dental equipment only through the distribution network in each country. Please contact your local dealer of Diplomat Dental for quotation. Local organization is responsible for correct installation and service of Diplomat Dental equipment. Local teams have been trained and have all necessary certificates to correctly maintain our dental equipment

What is the price of Diplomat dental unit?
What if there is no local dealer in my country?
What is the life time of Diplomat equipment.
Who can service Diplomat equipment?
How long does it take to produce my dental unit?
Can I customize my unit if I have special request?
How many colors of upholstery do you provide?
Does my unit have to be white color only?
Is position of instruments fixed?
Does the unit have to be grounded to the floor during installation? (floor drilling)
Do you have convertible LEFT-RIGHT model of dental unit?
What suction system is Diplomat mounting into dental unit?
Does the unit contain hygiene system?
Can I connect my external device to Diplomat dental unit?

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