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Imagine having an extra team member whose task is to memorize and set up even the tiniest details to make your workday as comfortable as possible. Minus the payroll. That is exactly what the Diplomat Connect app does.


Diplomat Connect app is integrated into the Model Pro and helps control and automate the dental unit and smart instruments with just a few taps.

Diplomat Connect is available for iPad on the App Store or Android App on Google Play.

Intuitive daily operations.

Easy patient positioning.
Chair positioning of our Model Pro Series can be controlled with ease through Diplomat Connect App. You can program your own presets with your preferred patient positioning to save time during the appointments or you can use the pre-programmed positions including the Trendelenburg position.
Instrument properties changable in a second.
Thanks to the intuitive controls of Diplomat Connect App, you’ll have your instruments ready for any kind of operation in just a few seconds. And of course, you can setup preset for each of the instruments to have it available at any time.
Ergonomy meets technology.
Ergonomy matters. And since we’re keen on making everything easier for dentists, Model Pro’s functions including the foot controller can be pre-programmed directly in Diplomat Connect App with just a few taps. That’s why you’re going to have an easy time working with all of the dental unit’s tools during your workdays.
Master the lightning.
Controlling your dental lamp was never easier. Change the operating or dimmed light intensity with a single swipe on the tablet’s screen.
Optimize patient comfort.
Set up every little movement and function of Model Pro including custom cup filling time or bowl rotation to a specific degree. Maximize comfort for your patients and for yourself. Make Model Pro work for you with Diplomat Connect App.

The future of dentistry is in your hands.

Like, literally. Full control and automatization of your smart dental unit is just a few taps away. Our Diplomat Connect App runs on a companion tablet device and is fully integrated with Model Pro.

It’s like riding a bicycle.
Yours truly.
Your window
to the Whole Wide World.
Like clockwork.
We have your back.

It’s like riding a bicycle.

Diplomat Connect app is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive controls and clear design focused on user experience. Everything you need in your daily work is just a tap away.

Yours truly.

Everyone gets a unique and personalized experience using the Model Pro. Setup your dental unit’s chair position, instrument parameters, light, hygiene, and much more. You can create an unlimited amount of presets to suit all your team’s needs.

Your window to the Whole Wide World.

The tablet device can also carry various third-party apps which allows you to have all the important information always at hand. You can even make a presentation for your patient using the mirror option on the monitor on dental unit.

Like clockwork.

Diplomat Connect app does the basic diagnostics automatically. It can analyse and send information on errors to our technicians and keeps your dental unit’s firmware always up-to-date. This significantly decreases the time of both service and downtime of your Model Pro.

We have your back.

We understand that accidents do happen. But do not worry, in case your tablet device breaks, all your presets are safely stored online. You only have to set it up once.

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