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LIFT your dental success UP!

Reliable as your best friend, robust as the mightiest strongman, compact to cater to dental practices with limited space.

Model One 200 is a partner worth every investment.

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Another ace up Diplomat Dental’s sleeve.

Diplomat’s top priority remains delivering reliable products with broad individual configuration possibilities, timeless design, and competitive prices. The Model One 200 complements Diplomat’s range of units, which have enjoyed unwavering trust from dentists on almost every continent for several years. Today, the Slovak manufacturer’s portfolio consists of three lines: Classic Line (Model One 100, Model One 200), Comfort Line (Model Pro 500/600), and Premium Line (Model Pro 700/800).

Reliable partner.

Model One 200 is built with similar and simpler mechanics and electronics than our premium line Model Pro. It is made from premium materials.

Its manufacturing technology has been standardized with our premium line and has already been tested and proven reliable long before product release. Each dental unit is thoroughly tested before it is sent to customers.

Timeless design.

The basis of the design and materials used in the Model One 200 comes from our premium Model Pro line. The design follows proven principles of ergonomics. Enjoy the essential version to comfortably perform your basic daily activities.

Endless possibilities.

Don‘t even let us get started on the dozens of options you can choose from. You can customize every little detail of the dental unit to completely satisfy your needs.

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One for many tasks, one for many years.

Incredible lifting mechanism: quiet and robust can lift up to 200 kg in weight, chair provides wide range of movement improving ergonomics.

Excellent choice for practices with a high volume of patient.

space for cooperation.

The Model One 200 is a stationary dental unit with a chair suspended from the floor, or, in simpler terms, the ‘lift version. Model One 200 is very compact and finds a place even in small dental practice. Minimum room length: 2950 mm.

Lift your practice to new heights.

The chair provides a wide range of movement (it can be lowered up to 350 mm from the floor and raised considerably for standing treatments) improving ergonomics in specific situations.

Chair height above ground: 350 mm – 820 mm ± 20 mm

SWING foot controller.

A horizontally operated multi function pedal for controlling the instruments, chair and water unit, which allows the dentist to easily control the spray of the instruments with the lever of the pedal. The best ergonomics in the class!

Single saliva ejector.

The assistant element’s basic arm can consist of a single saliva ejector, making the Model One 200 even more affordable.

A business development partner.

For dentists who are constantly focused on development but want to fully concentrate on practical skills, without worrying about another unit breakdown and practice disruption.

Premium materials, advanced technologies.

Business class tickets, please.

The reliability of Model 200 protects dental practices from financial turbulence caused by sudden equipment failures and associated costs. Longevity ensures that the investment continues to yield returns well beyond the initial purchase, reducing the need for frequent reinvestment. An efficient Model One 200 directly contributes to an increased number of patients, patient throughput, and, consequently, higher practice earnings.

Premium materials and technologies.

Diplomat has developed solutions that minimize breakdowns, shorten maintenance time, saving the dentist time and costs. The longer operational lifespan allows the owner to maximize return on investment (ROI) and delay the need for costly unit replacements. Advanced technologies applied in the Model One 200 streamline daily duties, enabling the handling of more patients with precision and speed, increasing the economic efficiency of the practice.

Hard to get your eyes off of it.

Clean geometry, well-designed user interface, compact size, and great ergonomics. All of these combine to make Model One 200 not just a sight to see, but, also a great product to use.

Pleasant to the touch.

Most of the materials used, such as UV- resistant and chemically resistant ASA plastic or galvanized semi-matte metals, can match even the most premium products on the market.
I’m interested in Model One.

Endless possibilities.

Up or down.

Enhance your dentist’s element with an upper or lower hose delivery system.

And yet it moves!

The standard version of the Model One’s cuspidor is fixed to the cuspidor. However if you want to provide your patients with additional comfort, you can choose the rotary option.

Lighten up your day.

You can choose from the XENOS or the MAIA dental lamps. The Xenos lamp reaches up to 26.000 Lux. The MAIA lamp up to 35.000 Lux and CRI>95.

Pedal to the metal.

You might not feel the same adrenaline as in a racing car, but you get ergonomic benefits from using foot controllers. Select from up to three variants.

Extra pair of hands?

The assistant’s element has six instrument holders. Two versions are available: BASIC and ADVANCED.

Control panel One.

The standard control panel comes with a 5-digit display unit which provides you with information regarding the RPM of the currently used micromotor. This version of the control panel includes buttons for the chair, light, cup and cuspidor control. It also rocks a fancy negatoscope!

Control panel One Plus.

The advanced control panel comes with a full-color display and extra buttons to control the endodontics fuctions of your instruments. This choice also supports automatic hygiene. Control Panel One Plus with micromotor DX Pro or DX Pro Blue enables you to use additional endodontic functions. This includes auto-reverse and auto-forward features. It’s possible to adjust the speed range from 100 to 40,000 RPM and the torque is adjustable to 3.5Ncm.

Control panel One.
Control panel One Plus.

In your natural habitat.

Model One provides comfortable access to all your tools, instruments and control panels at all times.

Comfortable for all shapes and sizes.

The range of the chair lift is extremely large – from 31 cm to 81.5 cm. Thanks to this, your child patients will easily be able to hop onto the chair. It also provides a comfortable workspace for dentists of smaller or even larger stature.

Hold the whip hand.

The dentist’s element with instrument hoses routed in the upper hoses configuration may be equipped with a whip lock. An instrument whip is routed to the instrument placed in a designated slot. The whip is pulled towards the stop to unlock.

Intuitive instrument control.

The instruments on the dentist’s element are activated once removed from the individual holsters.

Love at first seat.
Headrest accepts and copies the shape of the neck and head of any patient.
Shoulders naturally drop so as to ensure a comfortable back position.
Seat and backrest relieve the patient and make them feel supported.
The Trendelenburg position is a standard feature.
Lying position with legs fully supported and arms resting comfortably to enhance relaxation.
Some of the most popular swatches:

Feeling frisky?

Whatever you feel like, we’re giving you the freedom to express yourself. With the choice of dozens of color and upholstery options, it’s just about your preference.

You’ll find all available options in our upholstery catalogue.

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Fast, faster, Model One.

Model One has simple manual hygiene in the standard version, but you can upgrade to fully automatic hygiene. Model One maintenance is fast and easy, regardless of your choice.

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