Unveiling Diplomat Dental chairs in Spain!

Unveiling Diplomat Dental chairs in Spain!

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27.October 2023
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Through a reliable and professional network made by ten dental distributors, Diplomat Dental is now offering its products in Spain and Portugal, offering reliable installation and after sales services in all regions.

Diplomat Dental is a dental unit manufacturing company based in Piešťany, one of Slovakia’s most beautiful cities. Founded more than for 60 years, it produces innovative dental chairs with a focus on design and premium materials.

Diplomat Dental units are popular in some of the European countries and also in other continents, including Australia and Asia. Users value their exceptional reliability, extensive configurability options, and, most importantly, their competitive pricing.

A unit can be purchased from 9.000€, with several options already configured. In this price, users receive:

  • timeless design, repeatedly awarded in major European design competitions, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Big See Product Design Award
  • a reliable partner, thanks to the in-house R&D team and production facility which produce 90% of the components of the dental chair, maintains production continuity, fast service, and spare parts availability, regardless of global crises, pandemics, or wars
  • Endless possibilities of configuration and customization. If you want to have a full black unit, or maybe red and yellow as the Spanish colors, Diplomat Dental can do it.

An extremely reliable support can be found among the models of the Model One series, with Model One 100 (carry version) and Model One 200 (lift version).

The Model One series has a simple and intuitive user interface, and offers great versatility and reliability. It can be equipped with Endodontic brushless micromotors and a full integrated hygiene systems for the instrument and suction hoses. There are multiple possibilities from an Ergonomics perspective, thanks to the 2D or 3D headrest and different types of foot controllers. 

The premium models are Model Pro 500/700 (carry version) and Model Pro 600/800 (lift version).

The Model Pro is the first SMART dental unit series on the market fully controlled by a tablet through an Android or iOS application.  A real delight for lovers of modern technology and process digitalization. Controlling a dental chair with a tablet offers several key benefits to dentists:

Streamlined Workflow: Tablets streamline chair adjustments, saving time and allowing dentists to focus more on patient care.

Efficient Multitasking: Dentists can access patient records, images, and treatment plans on the tablet, promoting efficient multitasking.

Enhanced Communication: Dental chairs control via tablet facilitates communication with patients, as dentists can easily show X-rays, discuss the treatment plan and show treatment visuals.

Patient Engagement: Showing the expected treatment procedure and the final result on the tablet screen can engage patients in their treatment, fostering trust and understanding.

Data Integration: Integration with Patient Management Software (PMS) allows seamless record-keeping and treatment documentation.

All units among Model One and Model Pro series have a lifting capacity of 200 kg, which represents the highest standards on the market. They are controlled by a multifunction foot pedal that allows the dentist to focus on the patient and control most of the chair’s functions. They are equipped with brushless micromotors which can be equipped with a Blue LED light for composite detection. Finally, the design of the chair follows a sound principle of ergonomics to ensure comfort for the dentist and the patient.

Despite their attractive price, they offer technical specifications that guarantee the highest standards and are manufactured with the best quality materials.

All Diplomat Dental units are proudly Made in Europe and the factory represents a unique facility with complete production processes, which is not so common to find anymore.

Diplomat Dental offers day-to-day support to all Spanish and Portuguese distributors to ensure quality, reliability and rapid delivery of its products and spare parts.

“We are delighted to assist Spanish dentists in developing their practices. For over half a century, customer satisfaction has been Diplomat Dental’s top priority, and we have no doubt that our local partners share the same values. A dental unit should be an unwavering partner for dentists, essentially a team member who is not on the payroll and doesn’t require time off,” emphasizes Tomasz Nerad, Diplomat CEO.

“If you’re a dentist seeking reliability, beauty, modern technology that will genuinely impact your practice’s competitiveness, intuitive operation, prompt service support, and excellent spare parts availability, you should consider Diplomat Dental Units.
Which model to choose? If you are looking for reliability, timeless design, and endless configuration possibilities, consider the One Series.
If you value standing out in the market, digital workflows and deliver a wow! effect among your patients, go for the Pro Series,” emphasize Spanish dealers of the brand, who recently visited the factory in Piešťany.

All units from the Diplomat stable can be seen on the website https://diplomat-dental.com/hola-espana/ ordered through the following representatives:

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