Can a dental unit accelerate your daily procedures?

Can a dental unit accelerate your daily procedures?

21.February 2024
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Imagine a dental unit where you save a few minutes of work with every patient. Imagine that with it, you can either see the next patient sooner or simply get home faster.

In the realm of modern dentistry, time is of the essence. Dentists strive not only to provide high-quality care but also to optimize their workflow, ensuring patients receive timely treatment without compromising on excellence. Efficiency in dental procedures not only benefits practitioners by streamlining their processes but also enhances the overall patient experience. With the advent of advanced technologies, such as the Diplomat Model Pro Series, dentistry has witnessed a significant evolution towards achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

Let me remind you, we are talking about the world’s first dental unit managed by a tablet and an advanced, dedicated mobile application called Diplomat Connect. It is this app that is the heart of the unit’s exceptional efficiency, turning it into a real time-saver.

Improving work efficiency lies in Diplomat’s years of experience and effective collaboration with dentists. The exchange of experiences and feedback has enabled the creation of an algorithm that, when used correctly, streamlines the dentist’s daily tasks, thus saving their time.

In practice, this means that the Model Pro, or rather the Diplomat Connect application, remembers our activities, treatment methods, habits, of course, if we teach it beforehand.

Find time to communicate with the patient

Presenting individual stages of treatment to the patient, showing images, visualizing the effect of work – is already a natural element of patient care in almost every dental office. This can be done in many ways, and with the Model One – it can be done without the need for the patient to leave the chair. The tablet, which controls all the functions of the chair, can serve as the dentist’s command center for communication with the patient. The dentist can install virtually any application on it, even those connected to other devices in the office (X-rays, scanners, panoramic radiographs, etc.) and display all necessary data on it. At hand, they can have a library of cases, anatomical atlases, instructional videos on oral hygiene, or other interesting files that will help the patient understand the dentist’s recommendations. The openness of the Diplomat system to applications from other providers is a practical revolution. Units controlled by LCD displays, even the most advanced ones, cannot provide such capabilities.

Your chair setup in a second

When several or even a dozen dentists work at one chair, it’s difficult to control its initial setup. You always need time to prepare the chair to your own preferences. Heights, speeds, instruments – you waste time on something that Diplomat Connect will do for you. The unlimited number of user profiles in the Pro Series allows for automatic restoration to the desired state the moment the dentist logs into their account. Really, that’s all it takes! When the Diplomat app receives information that the operator will be John Doe, it sets up the chair and instruments just as John Doe needs them!

Program your treatment protocols

Moreover, the Model Pro series incorporates innovative tools and instruments that streamline various dental procedures. From cavity preparation to prosthetic fabrication, these instruments are engineered to enhance efficiency without compromising on the quality of care. For example, high-speed handpieces with customizable settings enable dentists to perform precise tooth preparations rapidly, while intraoral scanners eliminate the need for messy impression materials, saving valuable chairside time.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the Model Pro series equipment prioritizes practitioner comfort and usability, thereby reducing fatigue and minimizing procedural delays. Intuitive interfaces and ergonomic handpieces ensure that dentists can perform procedures with ease and precision, enhancing both efficiency and practitioner satisfaction.

Routine operations even faster

In addition to its impact on procedural efficiency, the Diplomat Model Pro Series also contributes to time savings in dental practice management. By automating routine tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, and inventory management, these systems free up administrative time, allowing dental professionals to focus more on patient care and clinical activities.

In conclusion, Diplomat Model Pro Series represents a paradigm shift in dental technology, offering a holistic solution to enhance efficiency across all aspects of dental practice. By leveraging advanced imaging, innovative tools, digital workflows, and ergonomic design, these systems enable dentists to optimize their workflows, minimize procedural delays, and deliver superior care to their patients. As dentistry continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements such as the Model Pro series will be essential in meeting the growing demands for efficiency and excellence in patient care.

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