Can a simple USB module located on the dentist’s table improve daily work and make dental diagnostics more comfortable?

Diplomat Dental latest smart innovation, the extra USB module with an additional adapter for Model Pro dental chairs, offers seamless integration with your digital devices, providing convenience and efficiency.

How can a simple USB module improve your practice?

Simplify your workflow: the new USB module, conveniently placed on the dentist’s table, makes integrating external dental diagnostic devices straightforward. Connect X-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and point-of-care devices easily, eliminating tangled cables and maintaining an organized workspace.

Diplomat Dental customers can order not only the dentist’s table with the module and sensor, but also the Vatech sensor. Ask your dealer for the full offer.

Save time on intraoral acquisition: with the second USB module strategically placed, your essential diagnostic tools are always within reach, reducing setup time during procedures. This means faster access to diagnostic images and quicker response times, enhancing the efficiency of your practice.

No more messy cables: enjoy a clean, cable-free environment with our USB module and adapter, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your dental office. This organized setup allows you to focus more on patient care and less on technical hassles.

How It Works?

The second USB module complements the existing setup, where the first module powers the tablet controlling the unit. By placing the module on the dentist’s table, we ensure quick and smart integration with various diagnostic devices. Here’s the simple process:

Device connection: connect your imaging device (e.g., RVG sensor) directly to the USB module.

Instant display: capture images with your device and, if the manufacturer provides a compatible app, display them instantly on the tablet controlling the Model Pro. This allows for real-time diagnostics without disrupting the workflow.

Key benefits for your practice

· No more cables: enjoy a clutter-free, efficient workspace that enhances your workflow and patient experience.

· Easy connection: quick and straightforward device connections mean less time dealing with technical issues and more time focused on patient care.

· Sensor always on hand: keep your digital tools within easy reach for faster access and improved response times during procedures.

Embrace open solutions for digital imaging

The Diplomat Model Pro is designed to be a hub for modern dental technology. Our open solutions for digital imaging devices ensure compatibility with most RVG sensors and other digital tools available on the market. This flexibility allows you to integrate your preferred technologies effortlessly, ensuring you deliver the best possible care to your patients.