Dr. Kamil Piasecki of Katowice, Poland, has been awarded – as the first – the Diplomat Smart Dentistry Certificate.

The certificate is an official recognition of the expertise of the clinic in the implementation of smart dentistry solutions that provide better treatment services. The clinic meets international criteria of smart dentistry in patient communication, risk infection management, and diagnostic set out by Diplomat Dental.

Dr. Kamil Piasecki is a graduate of dentistry at the Silesian Medical University in Katowice. For years, he has been passionate primarily about endodontic procedures. For more than a year, he has been a user of Model Pro Series dental units, managed with a tablet and mobile app. In an interview with our camera, that he only hesitated for a moment whether it would be a good choice. A thorough analysis of the Model Pro’s capabilities left no doubt.

I believe that smart dentistry improves the daily work of the dental office in a real way, and the dental unit we manage with a tablet and mobile application, perfectly fits the trend of digitizing the work of the dentist. I recommend smart dentistry to everyone,” the dentist stresses.

The Smart Dentistry certificate was presented by: Francesco Capo (on the left), Diplomat Chief Sales Officer, and Pawel Pełka, Sales Director of EUR-MED Poland.

The Diplomat Dental Smart Dentistry concept is driven by the pursuit of excellence and a continuous commitment to staying one step ahead. It embodies a passion for creating and evolving products that significantly enhance dental processes, improve the work of dental teams, and raise the overall quality to a completely new and higher level. Diplomat’s Smart Dentistry concept is not solely centered around providing dentists with devices that make their work smarter, but also about introducing an entirely new work philosophy. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the manufacturer’s 60-year tradition and the
invaluable insights of passionate dentistry enthusiasts.

Dr. Piasecki is the first person to be honored by Diplomat in this way, but certainly not the last. As the company’s representatives argue, building a community of Model Pro users will allow for better communication, sharing of comments, and thus new opportunities for the development of the product itself.