Why, in the XXI century, should a dental chair be just a stand-alone device not communicating with others in the same room or building?

A dental practice cannot function without a dental unit, that much is clear. Unit manufacturers are racing to create products that are ever more ergonomic, ever more comfortable, ever more designer. The field for competition is there, but it seems that the dental unit is a simple enough device that the ceiling for R&D departments is not set very high. The details therefore matter. Some of these can be fundamental to the perception of the product and its potential.

Diplomat Dental is a European brand that has been known around the world for many years. For a few years now, it has been able to bring dentists two associations: design (this one has changed significantly for the better) and modernity, in the form of the first unit that the dentist manages with a tablet and a mobile app. The Model Pro, the smart dental unit, is the first dental unit developed with open system solutions.

Let’s start from definition, whim may be a quite new for dentistry market: What is open system solutions in dentistry?

Open system solutions in dentistry refer to a technological approach where dental equipment, particularly chairs and associated devices, adopt an architecture that allows seamless integration with a wide range of third-party devices, software applications, and programs. Unlike closed systems that operate in isolation or are limited to proprietary software and hardware, open system solutions facilitate interoperability, enabling dentists to connect and utilize various digital tools from different manufacturers within a unified ecosystem. This integration fosters enhanced connectivity, streamlined workflow, and customization options, ultimately empowering dental professionals to optimize patient care delivery, practice management, and overall efficiency in the digital dentistry era.

Sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? What does this mean in practice?

In practice, this means that the tablet you operate the unit with can be connected to any other dental device in the practice that is equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, has an app version or desktop. So basically almost any.

Dental chair with tablet: the essence of open system solutions

At the heart of the Diplomat Model Pro lies its open system architecture, a groundbreaking feature unparalleled in the realm of dental equipment. Unlike traditional closed systems that limit interoperability and flexibility, the Model Pro embraces an open ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with third-party dental devices, software, apps, and programs.

Your tablet can be the management center of your world. On the desktop of your tablet (no matter if it’s Apple, Samsung or something else), you can put shortcuts to your favorite films, apps, websites, libraries, etc. The whole office at your fingertips!

1. Enhanced connectivity:

2. Streamlined workflow:

3. Customizable Solutions:

4. Future-proof technology:

With its groundbreaking open system solutions, the Diplomat Model Pro smart dental unit heralds a new era of connectivity, efficiency, and innovation in dentistry. By seamlessly integrating with third-party devices, software, apps, and programs, the Model Pro empowers dental professionals to unlock new levels of productivity, flexibility, and patient-centric care. As the digital dentistry landscape continues to evolve, the Model Pro stands ready to lead the way, redefining the standards of excellence in modern dental practice.