In the series ‘Meet Diplomat Dealer,’ the responses are provided by Mark Howe, National Sales & Marketing Manager, William Green Pty Ltd (Australia).

DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: The biggest strength of William Green is…

Mark Howe: William Green is unique in that three generations of the Green family have been actively involved in the business since its foundation and to this day it remains a 100% Australian family-owned company, with each generation having a passionate interest in the products and services that William Green provides.

Throughout its 75+-year history in the Australian Dental Industry, William Green has taken a leadership role in understanding the needs of dental practitioners and responding to them by providing world class products and setting the benchmark for service and support.

DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: What does the Australian market look like in terms of the number of dentists or dental practices? Is it a market based on a public healthcare system funded by the government, or is it a private market?

Mark Howe: Australian market has approx. 14,383 registered dentists and are provided through a mixture of Government and Private sector. The Australian Government and Private health insurance fund various level of care.

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DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: Would you be willing to create a profile of an Australian dentist? How does he or she perceive their profession, what is their view on modern technologies in the dental office? What do they expect from manufacturers and distributors?

Mark Howe: The Australian market is well inline with technological advances as evidenced by the DIGITAL push with Intra Oral Scanners paired with 3D Printing with companies such as Formlab’s which William Green represents. The cloud based, connected (IOT) is also gaining momentum as seen with DIPLOMAT iPad PRO500 series and DURR Plant connected equipment.

DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: Australia and Slovakia, where Diplomat Dental units are manufactured, are separated by many thousands of kilometers. Presumably, there are differences in the work of dentists in detail, but can we talk about purchasing trends in the field of dental units? What is the most important criterion for dentists when choosing?

Mark Howe: Reliability and functionality of the equipment as well as the ergonomic interactions for both patient and staff. Space requirement: the area available for the installation of a dental unit will determine the number of elements as well as the configuration (compact or not) of the system. Applications: the care given can vary and cover a range of odontology specializations such as endodontics, periodontics, implantology, etc.  

DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: In September, an important event in the calendar of industry events will take place in Australia – the FDI Congress and Exhibition. What are your hopes for this event, and how are the preparations going?

Mark Howe: We are presenting the new DIPLOMAT MODEL ONE 100 as well as the Brumaba Surgical Table as key products and looking forward to showcasing our world standard ranges.

DIPLOMAT DENTAL MEDIA: What is the biggest challenge for a manufacturer in the Australian market? What challenges and goals do you set for yourselves in the coming months, half a year?

Mark Howe: Some of the biggest challenge for a manufacturer in the Australian market is looking for a differential in supply and product features to counteract lower price point products with limited quality and features. This drives innovation and design/service capabilities.