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Date of installation (*Warranty runs from this date or from the 91st day after the day of leaving the factory, whichever comes first)(Required)
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Installation procedure of the product

Checking of the completeness according to the packing and completion list(Required)
Anchoring of the product or installation using installation base plate(Required)
Connection of the media to the power unit(Required)
Connection of parts:(Required)
Fitting of accessories (instruments and others)(Required)
Levelling of individual parts of the dental unit(Required)
Fine adjustment of the pressures for the instruments(Required)
Checking of the functions of the dental unit and the chair(Required)
Passing-over of the product and training of the dentist and the personnel for the operation and maintenance according to user manual(Required)
The product connected to the voltage specified by the manufacturer(Required)
Enclosed electrical audit report before the installation of the medical device(Required)
Executed disinfection of unit´s instruments waterlines(Required)
GDPR authorization: I confirm the registration of my unit and accept that my contact details could be used for communications and marketing purposes. Attn!: One form is valid for one product. Please submit this form for each product installed in your practice.(Required)